Air Freight


What do you know about our Air freight services?

We are one of the biggest names in providing the best relocation services to more than nine hundred destinations of the world. Our competency and our Excellency have given us a par on reaching a value based service to help our customer fully trust on our name and continue to acquire our service whenever they need.

We excel in providing relocation services through air freight transportation as well as shipments to cater the needs of the items moved to other parts of the world. For places like Australia, we prefer taking items through shipment that reduces our customer’s cost on a great level. With these concerns in mind we have designed a much economical air freight that helps our customer cut down on their costs by a greater extent.

With our immaculate services of air freight we have contracts with several major air carriers that enable us to decide on negotiating terms of transporting goods through airways. These air carrier services are efficient and competitive in their own way and hence complete the satisfactory requirements of transporting goods from one land to other through airways.

The freights from Singapore airports to any other airport of the world are charged according to the miles travelled and the cost of the air carriers. These cost are carefully implemented so that the sunk cost is reduced to a greater extent and our customer enjoys the transportation cost at minimal. The limitations on size of the carriage or the weightage are negligible and that is a catch of our service! We enable you to allow us to handle your goods by us in the best manner possible and to win that trust we keep a controlled check on our cost because we are directly related to you, our customers!

Air freight is charged per package depending upon the weightage carried by one package. So if you want to know the best rates consult our sales representative or visit our website to get complete details!