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Moving To Johor Bahru From Singapore


The high cost of living in Singapore can make you more curious about living a different life north of the border. Johor Bahru is a  city just next to Singapore on the Southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia. The thought of paying lower rates, more space and cheap goods make people relocate to Johor Bahru.

Many Singaporeans move into Johor Bahru to do shopping, eat and play golf over the weekends. There was a large number of Singaporeans who decided to move from Singapore to Johor Bahru. The main reason for relocating to JB is money issues. It is considering that a 4-room flat in Singapore will enable the expatriate to sustain his/her living expenses in Johor Bahru.

JB commonly known to locals as Islander Malaysia has a population of 1.7 million people with tourism being one of the most significant factors that contribute to the town’s economic growth.  The city is easily reached from Singapore through the Causeway link and various bridges, receiving over 49.9% 0f the country’s nearly 22.5 million foreign tourists.

Does the move from Singapore to Johor Bahru mean savings and a better lifestyle? For those expatriates who want to relocate, the answer to the resounding question is yes!  A family of two or three people can save on a monthly basis on basics like grocery, utilities and petrol. In addition to that, the lifestyle of expats changes for the better.

Kids have the opportunity of attending elite schools like Marlborough College Malaysia, a place they can enjoy extensive sporty programs that the school provides. Besides, children will have the freedom of coming home, drop their bags and grab their bikes to visit friends in the beautiful town.  Unlike Singapore, Malaysia is more relaxed and less humid, and in most cases, you will benefit from the breeze blowing through your home and garden.

Instead of commuting every day to work from JB to Singapore, you should consider driving instead of taking a bus or riding a motorbike. If you choose to commute, it will take you approximately 1 to 1.5 hours in the morning, 1.5 to 2.5 hours during the evenings and door to door.

The process of relocating to a new country for a new job, business and holiday can be tedious, and JB is not exempted from this.  Expatriates move with most of their belongings; furniture, clothes and household goods from Singapore to JB and relocating services offered by Astro movers will be helpful.


When compared to neighbors Singapore and Karta, Kuala Lumpur is the best place you can relocate and live comfortably. It is the largest city in Malaysia and a great business and travel hub in Southeast Asia. The town is filled with many shopping malls, restaurants, and world-class airports. Apart from that, Kuala Lumpur is one of the cities in Asia that is always  connected to its culture.

What does Kuala Lumpur mean? The unique name is derived from tin mining activities done in the town during the 1800s. The name factually means “muddy estuary.” The city boasts of significant infrastructure and architecture consisting of world-class highways, the modest subway system, and the tallest skyscrapers in the whole world.

Compared to other cities in Malaysia, the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur is generally expensive. However, since the city offers all services needed by a modern man, the price is understandable and reasonable. It is ranked among the most expensive cities to live in Malaysia, but unlike Asian cities like Hong Kong, Karta and countries such as Singapore, KL is the cheapest city to live in Asia.

What makes Kuala Lumpur unique and convenient? It has a modern transit system with numerous trains and buses connecting all points of the city. Although the town is often prone to traffic during peak hours, you can always opt for public transport to avoid getting late to work.  The city has become a famous shopping destination with well-constructed boutiques and shopping centers transforming the experience shopping enthusiasts.  Besides, if you have children, you will not fail to notice the numerous top-notch international schools within the city.

Furthermore, the city is also a major hub for those people who wish to have a great weekend experience away from the hurdles of work and noisy surroundings of the town.  There are popular holiday destinations around the city such as the seaside town of Malaka and the Cameron Highlands that will offer all the exciting and thrilling experiences that kids will also love. If you wish to have a different taste of the outside country, you can have a quick and cheap and quick flight to Singapore, Bangkok, and Bali.

Kuala Lumpur city is taking the international scene and is the best destination for those people who desire to experience adventure and all the beautiful the town offers. The city is accessible from any part of the world because it is situated along major international routes.

When relocating to Kuala Lumpur for either business or a new job, you need the services of a moving company to make the process even more accessible. We at Astro movers can offer you the best relocating services at a pocket-friendly price. Don’t hesitate to contact us through the hotline +6567912488 for more inquiries.

Moving To Malaysia

Are you are planning to relocate to Malaysia? It is a popular destination for expatriates and a brilliant country to live in. To make the most of your expat experience, take time to be well-prepared before heading off to Malaysia. Astro movers will ensure your relocating expertise is worth-fulfilling.

Malaysia is a traditional nation that depends on resource exports and currently striving to expand its economy in sectors such as tourism, science, medical tourism and even commerce which will increase expat employment opportunities.

Malaysia, a Southeast Asian nation has a long history of both immigration and colonization with a mix of cultures and nationalists; the country offers expatriates a lifestyle full of first-class comforts and conveniences.  Besides, it has many natural and accessible jungles and island getaways that provide a great sense of adventure.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia and it is a cultural, economic and financial center of the nation. It is also a major hub for air travel. The town had many skyscrapers, beautiful Dutch architecture and packed with luxurious restaurants, shopping malls, and colorful markets. It is the most convenient place to live for those expatriates who love shopping.

If you are planning to travel within Malaysia, you will not spend much, and it is generally cheap and easy, especially within Peninsula Malaysia. The country has a broad road and rail network making it compelling to travel from one city to the other. Regarding health care, the nation has an affordable public healthcare system with various world-class private facilities available.

Furthermore, the presence of international schools in Kuala Lumpur will offer high quality education for your kids unlike in Singapore and other surrounding cities. Another primary advantage to the expat lifestyle in the country is the cuisine that reflects the various ethnic groups present in Malaysia. The main influences come from the Chinese and Indian immigrants.

Malaysia has two regions that are separated by the South China Sea:  East Malaysia and Peninsular Malaysia, but its landscape and climate are relatively similar in all areas. The nation has an equatorial climate with the Southeast monsoon experienced from April to October and the Northeast monsoon from October to February. Both parts of the country have similar geographical characteristics that consist of mountains and coastal plains rising to hills.

If you need moving services to Malaysia, there are a number of required documents you should plan to have including:

  1. Passport
  2. Work Permit
  3. Visa (for both employment and residence in Malaysia)
  4. Letter from your employer in Malaysia stating the specific reason for import, job function and approximate length of stay
  5. Letter of Authorization to Destination Agent, signed by customer, for your shipment to be cleared

There is a lot to think about as you plan an overseas move to Malaysia or some other destination worldwide. Astro movers will ensure your moving experience is worth-filling. With 20 years of experience moving expatriates to Malaysia, you are guaranteed of top quality services.


International Packers and Movers play an essential role in helping a person, family or an organisation that has decided to move to another country. We always want the best and we look out for those who offer the best services within our budget. When you are thinking about packers and movers, consider these 5 organisations we have picked up for you.

Astro-movers, Singapore

This is one of the best organization in Singapore ideal for International Moving services for individuals, corporations and families. It has been serving government agencies, locals as well as multinational organizations. Astro-movers is an active member of HHGFA (Household Goods Forwarders Association) and AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association). They offer these services:

  • Private and Company Relocations
  • Consultations
  • Packing Services and Moving services
  • Storage Services
  • Special Transport for Special Goods

United Van Lines, USA

This is the most searched organisation online that helps people with relocation and moving in USA. This organisation has around 90 years of experience in this field and yes, they are very reliable. This company is a part of the Unigroup Company. They help people move to around 180 countries. Mind you, the world had 196 countries. Their Services include:

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Management
  • Housing and Family Assistance
  • Visa help
  • Property Protection

Leo Packers and Movers, India

Leo Packers and Movers is India’s best movers and they have a good experience tenure in this field.  They have served many corporates like Pepsi, LG, Google and Tata Motors. Their services include:

  • Corporate and Residential relocations
  • Lorry on hire
  • Storage services

Settelen, Switzerland

Settelen is based in Switzerland and undertake both domestic and international relocation projects. They also do both private and corporate relocation. So, if you plan to get into Switzerland or move out, just consider their services. Some of their services include:

  • Storage Facilities
  • Special Transport for Special Goods
  • Car/ Van/ Truck for hire

DB Schenker, Germany

This is an organisation that primarily focuses on logistics. It is the most searched international packers and movers online. It is the subsidiary of the second largest transport company in the world- Deutsche Bahn. They offer these services:

  • Private and Company Relocations
  • Consultations
  • Only Packing Services
  • Storage Services

Conroy Rentals, Australia

Conroy Rentals is based both in New Zealand and Australia. They have many centres in both the countries and cover a wide range of countries across all continents. They also take up domestic projects. Some of their services include:

  • Packing
  • Foreign Exchange and Insurance Services
  • Motor Vehicle Shipping
  • Private and Corporate Relocation

These are some of the top organisations from around the world that is involved in this business and have satisfied many customers from across the globe.

How Choosing International Packers and Movers Can Benefit You

Professional Movers in Singapore

International Packers and Movers services are highly sought after by people who are getting ready to move to another country. These organisations help you not only get your things from your place to the new location but, they also benefit you in many other ways. Here are some of the reasons how choosing a International Movers and Packers while moving to another country can prove to be really helpful to you or your organisation.

  • Cost effective and Less time-consuming

When you or your organisation choose to get help from the packers and movers, one thing you are assured of is a cheap fare to get things flown from your place to the new location. Furthermore, these organisations are expert in packing and other proceedings. Therefore, your work will get done quicker than you expect due to the team they employ.

  • Paperwork gets done automatically

With the help of packers and movers, your paperwork to get your things abroad to you gets easy and makes your proceedings hassle free. All the paperwork is done via the organisation and they are used to these procedures which makes them the best people to handle these kind of jobs.

  • Safe Transporting

International packers and movers are responsible for their activities and hence, make sure that everything that belongs to you get to you in the safest way possible. You can trust them for they are careful with valuable things and get fragile items safe and intact.

  • They can take care of the heavy objects

International movers and packers have the required equipment to move heavy and bulky products and materials. So, instead of getting entangled in the mess all by yourself, you can get the help of these experts to move these things for you. Plus, they have a way out for everything and they handle your things with real care.

  • Their experience is invaluable

Their experience in this field can get you your things done according to the rules and the laws. They take care of the paperwork and they also know how to get everything to you the way you want them to come to you. Plus, they take care of the freight services and the fee involved and the customs. They work in a seamless way to get the job done.

Tips to Consider Before Moving to USA from Singapore

Moving Companies in Singapore

Are you are planning to move to the United States from Singapore? Unlike Singapore that is generally small regarding its size and population, the US is a vast country with a population of   325.7 million people. Life in a foreign country can become hard to adapt, especially when you don’t take time to plan before relocation. These tips will help you settle in the US.

Groceries in the US Are Expensive

If you have lived your entire life in Singapore, you may realize that the cost of purchasing groceries in the US is relatively high.  Do n’t be shocked at the price of these groceries, because it is a foreign country with a different economy instead, adapt to the US life and have a budget.

Americans Drive on The Right

Are you planning to own a car in the US? Well, you should keep in mind that Americans drive on the right-hand side, unlike Singaporeans who drive on the left side.  It may take you some time to get used to driving on your right-hand side, but it is crucial always to learn.

 Americans Tip a Lot

Americans are unique people and often tip people after delivery of excellent service. This action is rare in Singapore and other Asian countries, but you should be nice and tip those people who offer their services to you.  America has many workers working part-time and mostly depend on tips provided by their customers. Don’t relent to visit a bar near you because of tips, take it positively.

Sizes and measurements

The US uses the old Imperial System of measures, and you will not make your standard measurements using meters and grams, but pounds, inches, and feet. Besides, clothes and shoes measurements are different, and you should consider learning these new facts before relocating to the US.

Use Movers and Packers

The process of moving to a foreign country is not natural. You will be required to proceed with all your belongings ranging from furniture, household goods, clothes and even cutlery. Hiring the services of an international packer sand movers like Astro movers is the best decision you can make to help you to relocate quickly.

We shall offer expatriates with all services including packing, moving, and storage. With our experience of over 20 years in the industry, you are assured of top quality services. Don’t hesitate to contact our helpline through +6567912488

Key Benefits of Hiring International Movers and Packers

Reputable international movers

Changing houses and moving to a different place in the same country is hard as it is. However, moving to a different country is even harder. With many things to pack and consider, you need to worry about many things. Without any help, your work may only get more complicated as your traveling date nears.

However, choosing to get the help of international movers and packers will offer you your much-needed relief.

Key Benefits of Hiring International Movers and Packers

If you are shifting from one country to another, you will definitely need the help of some of the best international movers for your valuables. Here is what international movers and packers offer you:

  • Less time consuming and cost-effective: International movers and packers have been doing their job of packing and moving things for years. This has given them an unimaginable experience that allows them to work faster and take care of your furniture as well as valuable goods easily.
  • Good Care Given to your Valuables: With more than decades of experience, these movers and packers handle your valuables with extreme caution. Since the company is accustomed to handling many kinds of goods, they cautiously remove your valuable, pack them with the requisite amount of packaging and transport it from one country to county. Companies such as Astro-movers, a company offering international movers in Singapore, helps you find this service.
  • Paperwork: When you hire a company to handle your moving and packing, you help yourself by avoiding the paperwork. Your hired international movers and packers will handle all of your paperwork and will include your freight charges in the final bill. This means that you will not have to deal with any kind of paperwork anymore.
  • Secures your belongings: The company you hire helps you secure all of your belongings and gives you a guarantee that your valuables will be safe. With the unmatched amount of knowledge and expertise in the field, the company not only sends competent personnel to help you with your furniture but also has a fleet of various machines that carry your valuables from one place to another. Astro-Movers, based in Singapore, help you do the same.
  • Stress-Free Moving Services: If you try to finish your moving and packing activities on your own, you will not be able to get anything done. With many things to worry about, your work will decrease. The company will not only help you to pack your valuable goods but will also allow you to find an easy method to transport your goods from one country to another.

Astro-movers helps you find an easy and simple method of transferring your valuable goods from one place to another. Be it in the country or to any other part of the world, with an experience of over 20 years; the company helps you take care of your furniture.

Furthermore, the company helps you with flight services and removals of your furniture. Find your quickest solutions with Astro-movers for transporting and packing your products.

Why Hire Professional House Movers For Your Next Move?


When you’re moving to a different town or locality or you’re locating to a different state or country perhaps, it is quite necessary to hire the services of the professional house movers if you want to ensure the safety of your belongings. Not only will you be able to relax more throughout the process, but you’ll also get everything done as quickly as possible.

Find the Best Moving Company For a Stress-Free Move!


With more and more people moving interstate and abroad, moving services industry is expanding at a fast pace. The increased competition among the moving companies has decreased the overall pricing of relocation for the customers.

International Movers to UK


Are you considering moving to a new country? Moving to UK is an attractive option for various reasons. The main reason why people migrate to England is due to the fact that England has the perception of a better quality and standard of living.

International Movers

Moving Companies in Singapore

Increasing number of people are planning to move to a new country in search of a better life and future. However, the cost of moving from one country to another is enormous. So, it is wise to weight all the options available before you make such a move. Sometimes unexpected things can happen, leaving you frustrated and wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Home Movers And Packers: What To Look For?


Moving or relocating can be an extremely stressful situation, therefore it is highly advisable to hire for packers and movers services. These are professionals who are well versed in making a relocation process as smooth as possible. Once you have opted for packers and movers just sit back and relax as all the work would be done by them.

International Movers: What To Look For?


International movers offer services to people who have to relocate overseas, by helping them with their different types of shipping needs. These packers and movers implement proper packing techniques to minimize potential in-transit damage of the valuable. They also tell the size of the container you would require to rent.

International Movers Reviews


Mover reviews arguably serves as the best choice, enabling people to plan their relocation in a more organized manner. The reviews come as a blessing in disguise, helping people to select the right mover at affordable cost. With the escalating growth of moving companies almost every single day, people often feel baffled about what mover to choose from. Moreover, as scams being rampant in almost every sphere of business including movers, the importance of the mover reviews has become the need of the hour.

International Moving Company Reviews


This is probably the most complex part in moving from one place to another. You will only be determining if the service you got is effective or not on the service you will received.  Moving company reviews is a big help to those people who are planning to relocate either local or abroad. Relocation is the hardest and stressful part to do, which is why it is advisable to make first a research and look for reviews about moving companies. When selecting the right movers from moving company reviews you have to pay attention fully to the information especially to the services being render.

Moving And Storage Services in Singapore


Furniture is often huge and bulky, and can take up a lot of space both at home and in self storage units. Taking up too much space would mean that you have to pay more money for rental and transportation services. Here are some helpful storage tips for you to move and store tables in self storage facilities.

One Stop Professional Moving and Storage Services

Moving Companies in Singapore

Whether you plan on relocating across town, you will need a trusted company you can depend on to get you there. And that’s where moving companies come in. They are there to help you move those boxes of stuff you got and be assured that your valuables are genuinely taken care of.

Long Distance Movers: If you need to move out of state or over a hundred miles away, this is the type of service that most company provides.

Moving to Canada from Singapore


The relationship between Canada and Singapore is a wide-ranging one, characterized by cooperation in a variety of areas, including security and defense, governance and the rule of law, pluralism, trade, and science and technology.

First thing you must know about the visa application centers (VACs) in Singapore and Malaysia are all open and ready to accept applications.

What is replacement value protection?

Storage Services

Even with the best mover, you need to know how you can protect yourself:

  • Check with your insurance agent/broker to find out if your existing household policy provides coverage during the move, and if so, what is the deductible. Make sure that your policy provides you with no less than “All Risks” coverage, because any less coverage leaves you exposed.

International Movers to Canada

Canada flag

Canada has always been a favorite destination for migrants around the world, for both the lifestyle and opportunities it offers newcomers. Make sure you plan every detail of your journey. Start by downloading our moving to Canada checklist to begin organizing your move, and read more on finding a house in Canada and bringing your family, all before you step on the plane.

Moving to USA from Singapore

moving to usa

Planning on moving to the USA?  Then here you will find some useful information to help you prepare for the move to USA from Singapore.

International Movers to the USA

International moving can be a nightmare to co-ordinate. Compared to domestic relocation, there is always a higher chance of things going wrong as your goods will likely go through many different hands.

International Movers to USA

If you are planning on moving to the USA, Astro Movers has the expertise and the knowledge to move you across the pond. Here are some important advices about Moving to USA and Living in the USA.

• To work in the USA, you will require a visa. You will have to apply for your visa at the American embassy in your origin Country. If you are living and working in the USA without a visa, you are considered an “illegal alien” and could be deported and not allowed back whether you are a little green alien or not!

International Moving Services to Brunei


There are many great reasons to consider moving to Brunei. Not only is it a beautiful place to escape from your usual surroundings, but it is one of the wealthiest and most powerful countries in the world since it is one of the top oil exporters.

Many expats are drawn to the small country on the northwest coast of Borneo. Nearly 40% of the citizens are from outside of the island, mostly from the United Kingdom and other Asian countries. Citizens also enjoy a low crime rate and clean living and healthy lifestyles.

International Moving Services to Indonesia


Moving to Indonesia are some of the most favored Asian destinations for corporate relocations. Whilst such a move can be exciting it is also filled with caution, particularly as you are moving to Indonesia that is very much different to Australia or any other country. Not only will you experience language barriers at times, but these countries are culturally diverse and your awareness of each culture will be an important factor into how quickly you can adapt to your new life.

Are you considering moving to Indonesia? If you would like this beautiful archipelago to become your new home, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Hong Kong

Whether it’s just you or your entire family, the thought of moving to Hong Kong is always fascinating. Imagine living in the world’s major international financial center, trade, and cultural hub. Besides, the city boats of numerous attractions and excellent infrastructure.

Before the start of WWII, the country was famous for its manufacturing activities. But currently, 90 percent of its GDP is generated from the service sector with the manufacturing industry accounts for only 9 percent. The country is ranked among the world’s largest financial hubs and considered among the Four Asian giants due to its rapid industrialization and remarkable growth rates. In addition to that, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is currently in the sixth position in the world.

The Hong Kong dollar has gained immense strength over the years becoming more powerful compared to other currencies because it has been linked to the US dollar making it invulnerable even during the severe economic crisis.

Tips You Should Consider Before Moving To Hong Kong

  • Unlike other Asian countries, taxpayers pay their taxes in a lump sum instead of a monthly basis, because the state does not need the withholding on employment income. Apart from that, the first installment paid will be inclusive of a provisional amount for the next tax year. It merely means your first tax installment is expected to be huge.
  • It is mandatory for every Hong Kong resident to carry a Hong Kong ID at all times. In case you are stopped by police, and you don’t have one, you may end up being prosecuted.
  • Although Hong Kong is part of China, you are required to have a different visa to be allowed to cross the border. In addition to that, you cannot move cars from Hong Kong to China and vice versa, without having an approved license plate.
  • The country has a total of 17 public holidays every However, when one falls on a weekend, it Wo n’t be moved to Monday.
  • Many homes and apartments in Hong Kong are not installed with ovens, because Chinese food is cooked using the hob.

Are you planning to move to Hong Kong for your new job or business? Worry not, Astro Movers offers international moving services to the country and all the significant information you require before proceeding. With over 20 years of providing moving services globally,  the company guarantees the best and top quality services at your disposal.

International Movers Singapore


So you are moving out of Singapore and intend on leaving for good? If so, there will be certain formalities you will need to complete. To aid you in this moving out process, the following are some pointers you may wish to note.

International Movers Services in Singapore

International moving can be very tedious to co-ordinate. There will be loads of paperwork and you can expect your goods to move through at least a few different hands. Hence, the chances of things going wrong are much higher than if you were to move to a new house

International Movers to France

best movers in singapore

One of the first major steps towards moving to France is applying for a French visa. You need to know which type of visa you need and even whether you need one at all (citizens of the European Union are not required to obtain a visa to enter France), and how to improve your chances of being received well at the consulate.

Moving Items to France

After your visa and other formalities have been secured, so you need to move your household items to France, but there are a few items that are restricted.

International Movers to Germany


If you are moving to Germany, the first thing you should think about is your visa. People who live in one of the EU member countries do not need a visa, only their valid passport or ID.

Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa if they are staying in Germany for a period of no longer than three months. These countries are United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Croatia and South Korea.

International Moving Services to Thailand


If you relocating for a new job or relationship, numerous things could draw you to live in Thailand, commonly known as the land of smiles. The country has established itself as one of the best destinations in Asia for those expatriates who desire to experience the beautiful tropical paradise.

The Kingdom of Thailand is a beautiful country that offers a rich mixture of the traditional and the ultra-modern life. Unlike other Asian countries, Thailand looks into its future while still holding to its rich history and culture that dates back to over a thousand years. The country is famous for its unique and well-maintained temples that are desirable to most adventurers and backpackers.

Thailand is a country that provides something for everyone consisting of royal coastal resorts with beautiful beaches that stretch for miles, farms rich in exotic fruits and fauna, luxurious mountains and enormous national parks that you have to see and experience to believe.  Besides, Thailand’s developed hospitality industry makes it an excellent destination for Europeans who desire to spend some time basking in the sun.

Expatriates have a lot to enjoy that the modern world has to offer in Thailand and enjoy a life of affordable luxury. Besides, they can also enjoy the experiences offered in rural provinces if that ’s what they prefer. It is a country where options are very much open for every person.  Furthermore, the cost of living in Thailand is generally low. For instance, a couple can live in any part of the country paying $1,800 to $2,300 monthly. For those people who prefer the rural side of the country, the more you get deeper into the province, the cost of living is dramatically reduced.

Apart from the tradition, heritage, and history, Thailand is known for its unique and traditional Thai foods. Thai food is very delicious, easily accessible and inexpensive. It means that you can afford to buy some even on a budget. In addition to that, street food can also be found in every part of the country, city, town, and village. You will not miss a tasty meal to eat in the place you live.

When relocating to Thailand, you should always be conversant with your safety.  You should not at any time criticize the sovereign, because you will surely get into trouble with the Thai authorities.  If you adhere to the laws of the country, you will surely enjoy living in Thailand.

If you are an expatriate planning to relocate to Thailand and you need a moving company to transform your experience, consider partnering with Astro Movers. With a vast experience offering moving services to expatriates, you are guaranteed the best and affordable services.

Movers and Packers in Singapore

International Moving Services to Thailand

Are you the one who’s been on the lookout for the most unequaled services for residential relocation? Well, there are several movers and packers that you can make contact with if you want to move your precious household goods and other belongings in a safe condition. Residential relocation is a tough activity which when carried out leaves one shattered. This is because of the reason that it is a complex job that cannot be done without the help of expert movers and packers.

A trustworthy mover is equipped with all the relevant tools and techniques that enable them to work in an organized manner when it comes to accomplishing

International Moving Services to United Kingdom

First Class International Moving Services in Singapore

Moving to the UK is an attractive option for various reasons. As a business destination, the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has one major asset compared with moving to other European countries, despite similar living standards and working conditions: the language. English being the international language of business and trade, it is taught to most school children across the globe.

The country´s capital with 8.17 million inhabitants and by far the largest city in the UK, London is the seat of the national government. It is also the leading financial

International Movers and Packers in Singapore

Reputable Movers in Singapore

There are many movers and packers in Singapore who do delivery, packing, transporting or relocating or moving services of single or all house hold items. There are some packing and moving agencies that can do packing and transporting or relocating services international wide i.e. from or to Singapore. Each offer different prices for their service but negotiate to get for reasonable price. Find some of the list of movers and packers and their contacts.

Moving out of your location? If this is your first time to relocate, you should plan everything so that your move will be smooth.

International Moving Services to Australia


One of the most common questions I am asked is “I want to move to Australia, where do I start?” And I suppose the answer for everyone is slightly different.

People consider emigration from their home country for various reasons. Some want to move to Australia to find a better paid job and lower cost of living. Others are attracted by the weather and different lifestyle. For many people, moving Down Under means a clean start. As with any new endeavor, people are quite optimistic and tend to ignore

Professional Moving Services Singapore to Australia

International movers reviews

Every year thousands of Kiwis make the decision to move to Australia. There is so much to think about when moving to a new country, one of the biggest decisions is which moving company will you choose to pack and relocate your household goods and personal effects. This is not easy because there are so many movers with fanciful names and web sites touting for your international move.

Most moving companies like to gloss over the fact they have ‘agents’ at destination, one of their strategies is to use terms like sister-company to describe who will deliver services on their behalf in Australia. If you are considering one of these companies you need to assess the risks.

Moving to Australia from Singapore

Services to Australia from Singapore

Australia has always been a popular choice for those seeking to move abroad, especially given its proximity to Singapore. Here we hope to fill you in with some useful information, should you decide to move from Singapore to Australia.

Visa Application

It is important to note that the AVAC is just a lodgment centre; all types of visa applications will still be assessed and approved by the Australian High Commission here.

Effective 25 March 2013, all visa applications will have to done at the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC).

Movers Singapore to Malaysia

International Moving Services to Thailand

More often than not, people would tell you that you really need to take some risks if you truly desire to become successful in life. When you hear this, you get to realize that you are simply better off living in a whole new different place as great opportunities no longer exist in your current location. If a great opportunity exists in a different country, you might as well not let it slip away and consider moving to that certain area with the assistance of international movers. If you’re planning to move from or to Singapore, international relocation services can help you out in making that move effortlessly.

Moving Company Singapore to Malaysia

Singapore to Malaysia

What would you do if you hired moving services and the men showed up looking as if they had slept outside all night?  No woman wants a man who wears dirty clothes, packing her clean linens.

Some moving companies that send unkempt workers may also have trucks that need to be cleaned inside. Both are signals that your property may not be treated with the respect that is required.  A respectful attitude helps to prevent your property from being damaged.

Your movers need to be in good physical shape. Part of training professional movers includes physical fitness training.

Need Help in Moving to Malaysia?

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If you’re a western expat looking for a new country to move to, moving to Malaysia may just be the thing for you. The Malaysian government is also currently promoting a new program and encouraging foreigners to either move to Malaysia or spend an extended period of time there.

We are pleased to provide you help when you are moving to Malaysia. We can provide all types of moving services and making it the perfect resource if you are traveling or moving to Malaysia.

Malaysia is becoming the new hot spot for western expats, who are moving to Malaysia in large numbers. The challenge of moving to a country

International Removal Companies in Singapore


These days many people are relocating homes and offices. This removal process should always be planned well in advance of the anticipated moving date, and great care and responsibility is required to complete this operation effectively. This is why there is a high and growing demand for professional relocation services and removal companies.

Often due to the complex nature of a relocation, special skills (and in many cases special tools/equipment are required) so having a professional

Moving Companies in Singapore


Big national and international movers offer a wide range of move planning and related moving services. They can handle all relocation services from reserving the moving van to packing your property to helping you with childcare and real estate related services in the city you’re moving to. These relocation services shouldn’t be underplayed. If you’re on your way to a strange city or a foreign country, you’ll need a little help in making the adjustment. You may need to store your belongings while you’re gone and these companies usually have big temperature and environmentally controlled storage warehouses and units that can keep your property clean and dry over long periods of time.

Moving Company in Singapore

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If you are planning your next big residential move or office move, you’re becoming aware of the issues involved in transporting a house or office full of belongings, furniture, and people. In the back of your mind, you’re thinking that you can do this by yourself and yet some of your valuable property might probably be damaged during the move. Part of the cost of moving? On the other hand you could hire a moving company and know that they do this sort of thing every day and have all the people and transport equipment to get things done efficiently.

Professional Moving Company in Singapore

Professional Movers in Singapore

A moving company, removalist, or van line is a company that helps people and businesses relocate their goods from one place to another. Typically they use moving vans, but for international moves or where storage is required, they may use special containerized vans or shipping containers.

National companies are typically organized with local branches or affiliated agents. That affiliation may be in the form of a franchise, wherein the local agent is a franchise of a national company, or a cooperative, wherein the local agent owns a share of the national company.

Professional Movers in Singapore

Professional Moving Company in Singapore

It is not uncommon in moving from one place to another in Singapore. This trend is commonly seen for people who rent houses, particularly for foreigners who have relocated from overseas to Singapore. As the foreigners are not familiar with most of the locations and Singapore culture for a start, moving has become one of the concerns in their minds.

With this trend and challenge faced by the foreigners, the demand for reliable and professional movers in Singapore is high.

First Class International Moving Services in Singapore

International Moving Services to Australia

For those of you who are moving to Singapore, you might find following information useful. Singapore is a wonderful example of how east can meet west. Strategically located and with excellent facilities many multinational companies have made Singapore their chosen area for region head quarters in south East Asia. Singapore has fascinating cultural contrasts, excellent shopping facilities and numerous tourist attractions which contribute to its success as a leading destination for both business and pleasure. A very popular destination to move to, Singapore will provide even the most experienced expatriate.

Astro Movers your Ultimate Choice in International Moving

Many of the steps for preplanning an international move are similar to those of a domestic move. Make sure the company is willing to come out to your home for a visual survey and provided you with International Relocation Brochures. Special allowances must be made, however for the added length of time in transit, the necessary paperwork and the various regulations existing in the United States and foreign countries.

The first step is the selection of an experienced forwarder who has worldwide capabilities and can arrange moves to and from the United States, as well as inter-country moves.

Reputable Movers in Singapore

International Relocation Services in Singapore

Choosing a reliable moving company isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Moving is a major hefty responsibility which might require professional movers. In today’s market, there are many plenty of movers available at your request but one is still required to research for an established and reputable company before finalizing.

It is still advisable to search and seek help from movers are reliable, legitimate and have valid moving license. You can demand for their license

The Best Movers in Singapore

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Are you planning to move your house but there is no one at home who can actually help you out? Fret not; just hire the best movers in Singapore and moving your house will be an easy and fun task. Professional moving company will assist you along the way because they have many years of experiences in moving service and can move your household goods or office furniture safely.

Professional movers will help to take care of everything such as packing and transporting your items safely to your new home or office

International Moving Services in Singapore

Astro Movers Your Ultimate Choice in International Moving

When it comes to choosing a reliable moving company one needs to search a lot before finalizing anybody. There are plenty of Singapore movers available but you cannot just finalize any of them without doing any survey. Sometimes the rates do vary and one needs to seek the Singapore movers who can offer them the lesser price and reliable service. But if you do not have any blear about the cost then there is huge chance of spending more than required. This time you need to be very cautious and go some extensive research.

Best Packing and Moving Services in Singapore


Relocation is undoubtedly one of the most tiresome and traumatic circumstances of life. It can be a prolonged and perplexed procedure that includes plenty of unwanted issues including some overwhelming tasks for example packaging, loading, relocating, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of home appliances, heavy furniture items, kitchen goods, crockery sets, fine chinaware, kitchen appliances and other house things. In fact; relocation, relocating from one location to another, is difficult and problematic enough to make anybody highly tired and stressed. Of course, relocation is troublesome but you can simplify it by making use of services of knowledgeable packers and movers agencies. There are several shifting and moving agencies in Singapore that can help with your relocation giving you right relocation services.

Reliable International Movers in Singapore

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If you are considering moving from or to Singapore, you might want to hire Reliable International Movers. Take time to review a couple of committed moving companies, and then obtain free quotes online. After that, have a look at the best movers that could help you make your transfer overseas as easy as possible.

You surely want to have all of your fragile items wrapped and packed properly to make the move safe. With the help of a dedicated and professional moving company, you no longer have to worry about getting your belongings moved safely. They already have a great deal experience of moving items overseas for years. They have the men that will assist you select the appropriate container, van and baggage services for your needs.

Best International Movers in Singapore


International moving may seem like a lot of work as the distance between the place you are leaving and heading to will require you to take a plane or literally ship your goods across seas. However international moving with the help of professional assistance is far from this image. You can sit back and relax knowing that they will move all your goods out for you have them shipped for you, make sure they arrive safe and sound, in time and without a scratch ready to enter the building! If this is the international moving you have in mind, you can imagine the long distance move!

Long distance movers provide you all of the above as well as a flat rate Therefore if you are moving a lengthy distance you can benefit from this service.

Best International Moving Company in Singapore


Moving is a very stressful and expensive experience, and if you don’t take precautions it can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you are moving internationally the task is challenging to manage but any extra work done before the move should be rewarded in peace of mind during and after the move. Something to consider early- cut the clutter before you move.

Throughout the year, the end of the month is a busy time for movers, because of the expiration of leases and preferred closing dates. Also school holidays– are “peak season” for movers.

How to find the best Door to door worldwide move services anywhere in the world


Businesses have integrated over the past few decades and with this integration come the ease for customers. To make it more specific in terms of relocation services, it is not just the cargo that is shipped for trading purposes but also the common people’s belongings that are propagated to another part of the world with ease and comfort. Having said this, door to door services have brought in a new trend of doing business. Same goes with relocation companies when they began providing door to door worldwide move services all over the world. It first initiated from taking up orders right form the warehouses and then to understand the need to integrate, the business took over door to door strategy.

Overseas move services can be relieving for your nerves

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Moving overseas brings new experiences to life. The changes we embrace are not only in our lives but in our souls and the onset of this journey begins right in the country of our origin. People need to move on they need to begin new lives. And for this there are people who want to make this easier for them by providing them services to handle their operations as their own. This service is very common worldwide and is known by relocation to international territories. The best feature of hiring professionals to help you in moving is that they let you organize, direct and pay according to what you will. Yes, the payments are reasonable and never ever do they put you in burden. It all comes with the quality of service and once you are satisfied it is not the price that matters for overseas move services providers but your satisfaction.

Get services of professional Office movers, Singapore based


Professional moving companies do not only have a knack for moving your personal belongings from one destination to another but, they also specialize in facilitating corporate customers. What is the difference in handling corporate and domestic customers? It is the nature of service they acquire. For professional office movers, Singapore based if they are, this task may not be too difficult. There is one big reason for that matter. Singapore is a hub for businesses. Every year, hundreds of businesses are moved into the territory calling in a number of movements to the land. This is facilitated by the original relocation businesses that are trusted over a decade by companies.

How to take assistance of house movers, Singapore oriented?


House moving services facilitate movement of furniture, personal belongings and other type of luggage that are meant to be taken to another destination. When one hires professional service in this regard, they look for a few special attributes that are a must in every successful moving company. These attributes are linked with the way every kind of displacement is done. For air freight house movers, Singapore originated will cater to all kinds of customers worldwide. This is why Singapore is known to have successful businesses working worldwide.

How to find the best International movers and packers in Singapore?


If moving to a new country and in such case Singapore, seems difficult then read along and discover tips which can help you find the best international movers and packers in Singapore. It is not only about getting your luggage displaced from one part to another part of the world. But there comes one important step that initiates the moving process and that is packing. Packing is very important and when you find an international moving company, please be sure to check if they offer both services of moving and packing.

Not sure about the right Movers and packers? Singapore will get you one

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If you are not sure what kind of movers you are looking for then there is no big deal. Everyone faces the similar problem when they have to take a big move out of the city or country. In all circumstances, professional movers and packers, Singapore will make you change your mind set about it. If you are not aware on how to get information on these movers and packers then you may want to check among locals for the relevant information. If it still does not work then search engines may prove worthy. Some people still find it hard to place their trust in professionals although they are highly trained individuals and know how to handle your business even when you have not the slightest clue.

Save on the troubles of moving with a leading moving company Singapore


Before moving to any country or city of the world, one must make sure that the packing is done properly and that it matches the requirement of the mode of transportation. The mode of transportation affects our packing because for every kind of transit your luggage will take, the packing would be different. Taking the example of shipping, the cargo boxes must be of uniform sizes and in any case there is a need to transit a large item the laws regarding it will differ. On the other hand there are many juggling while your cargo is on its way and shipment is usually tossed over for quick operations. So for your luggage to be able to handle the roughness, you must pack it in such a way that it escapes damage. To achieve all this, leading moving company, Singapore will be of great assist.

What to expect from International moving companies, Singapore based?


The dilemma we all face once in our lifetime surrounds with making choices of spending money. The hard earned money must be put where it is deserved. The wastage of resources leads us to making radical decisions and we eventually put our focus onto something that is going to give in a better return on investment. It might not seem as serious as it does, but people having troubles with relocation know what it is all about. If you are one of them then this might be the right place for you to explore international moving companies, Singapore based in particular.

Compare various International movers for your ultimate choice

International movers

Choosing an international mover is one thing but the real test comes when you have a number of choices to look at and you are not sure which ones to go for. For rookies who have simply no idea about how to compare international movers here are a few tips that can help them with selecting the best one. But first, you must know well enough about the place you are moving to. If you are currently living in Singapore and need help with it, you have come to the right place. For comparing various international moving companies you must first begin with their popularity. Their popularity in terms of providing businesses is important. If some company seems a little shady it is unlikely that they have ever gotten a project its completion.

Finding International movers, Singapore calls for best ones


Planning a journey to anywhere in the world, be it Singapore, you would need to make a few arrangements. These arrangements are a part of your settlement in Singapore and need equal attention and care as do other matters. As you read along, it will be helpful for you in deciding what to do for your journey to Singapore. To begin with, suggesting international movers, Singapore would give you many reasons why you should trust in their local services. Even if you are not residing in Singapore, you can still avail the services this great land has to offer. Singapore has a number of locally developed international movers. They are known to have a reputation here in Singapore as well as in other parts of the world. Global expansion of a company is a sound indicator of its success in a business. And for international movers, Singapore is the starting point to grow their business. This is because it entertains tourism and invites business opportunities for locals and foreigners.

How to look for best Movers in Singapore


It is evident from many unlucky mishaps that people are not fully aware of how to select the right kind of movers when residing in Singapore. Even if they are not resident in Singapore they often succumb to fraud and misinformation and lead to losing their valuables eventually. To overcome this problem there are various ways one can assume the working of international movers in Singapore and pick the right one for them. Why is there a need to hire professional when things can be done on your own? Well, things in reality cannot be done on their own. It is because of the mode of relocation you are adopting If you are going by roadways, things might change. But if you are planning to make use of airways or shipment to get your luggage across, you would definitely need a third party involvement.

When hiring Movers, Singapore will not disappoint you.


Starting off your journey to Singapore might make you analyze a few things before beginning. If you are not sure how to get things done around you, professional assistance might be of great help. But in all this, there is a need of acknowledging the tiniest detail of the process and that too begins with planning. So when you are hiring movers, Singapore will give you a hundred reasons as to how they will completely change the way you look at tiresome relocation to another country. The greatest thing about movers is that they let you control the process by keeping a back hand. In this way you get to monitor everything on your own and remain satisfied by the way professionals handle the job.

Hiring professionals when moving to Singapore

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Singapore is a wonderful place to be and with recurrent tourism attraction one would want to permanently move in there. For the sake of our viewer’s guide, here are a few tips that would help in moving to Singapore whether by means of air ways or roadways. Once you have decided to permanently reside in Singapore you might want to start with preparing a check list for a few things. At the top of the list come the professional movers. Why is it so? Because when you are moving to another country these professionals will help you in moving your luggage and getting it safely displaced to your new home destination.

Shipping to India from Singapore


Not all companies are known to provide the right service with shipping. If you are shipping to India from Singapore you might want to be very careful in choosing the relocation company because there are higher chances of fraud than moving to countries in Europe or North America. To escape from fraud and getting your luggage misplaced it is better to consult friends and family for selecting a professional moving company.

Shipping to Finland from Singapore


Finland is a great place to be and when one is moving there, the experience could be life changing. Especially for those who presently reside in Singapore, things could completely change for them. The changes that come with moving to a new place call for good management of the process. Since you are making a move from Singapore, you must learn about Finland and its culture.

Shipping to Ireland from Singapore


Any kind of commutation requires safety. Be it the relocation in the same city, another city or in another country, a few safety measures can save you on a lot of stress and bad consequences. People shipping to Ireland from Singapore must seek for a smooth journey as their shipping decisions reflects the need for transporting important and large sized items.

Shipping to Vietnam from Singapore


If you are moving to Vietnam any time sooner you might need some help in managing the moving process. Moving to another city is easier than moving to another country. There are larger items like cars that need to be transported from one region to another and for that government involvement and adhering to trade policies is essential. That is why people don’t take such matters into their hand and opt for professional relocation companies.

Shipping to Canada from Singapore


Moving from Singapore to Canada can be made easier and exciting if only a few important areas are covered. In this aspect, people moving to Canada will only need to sit back and get some information on how their lives will change under the light of a completely new environment. On the other hand, it also calls for looking for best relocation services that can help with everything you need in order to manage your luggage.

Shipping to Jakarta from Singapore


It is time to stop worrying and get moving with a few helpful tips that can assist any newbie in understanding the tiny details of moving to a completely new country. For people moving to Jakarta this can be helpful in several ways. Also, those looking to move anywhere in the world from Singapore can benefit from this article.

Shipping to Indonesia from Singapore


For people who are confused with how to start packing for their first move to another country, here are a few tips that should help them with. But before suggesting these better thing to do is to hire a professional relocation company to help you with moving process. The benefits of hiring are numerous because it enables you to take control of the process as well see how everything is done smoothly.

Shipping to Taiwan from Singapore


When moving to another country people become stressed out by the bizarre recurrent uncertainty of the situations around them. These situations are mostly arisen by the mismanagement of a few things that should have been dealt with at earliest.

Shipping to Netherlands from Singapore


The choice of acquiring services of professionals in moving to another country depends on people who have less time and want things done with minimum cost. That is why, many professionals who are into this business claim of providing the right kind of service with minimum cost and efficiency.

Shipping to France from Singapore


Are you on your way to France directly from Singapore? That could be an exciting new beginning to an exciting life experience. But it requires that the journey be sailed through smoothly without having to regret anything from the past. Moving to a new country is life changing and when you have full control of the things happening around you, the journey becomes a life time memory.

Shipping to Switzerland from Singapore


Shipping of goods and luggage all around the world is a very common practice. This has been in practice for centuries now. The trade routes help with transportation of goods all over the world and seeing which the relocation business has taken one step ahead in utilizing this resourceful mean to speed up the process.

Shipping to Auckland from Singapore


Be it anywhere in the world you are moving. You would always need professional assistance to take things smoothly on your journey. One of the reasons why moving is very difficult for many people is because of the hassle they have to face with packaging, delivery and installation.

Shipping to New Zealand from Singapore

new zealand

If you are planning to move to New Zealand there will be a lot of things to do on the list. It comes with knowing what you need and what you do not. Also, the moving takes a lot of time in packaging and getting baggage loaded and delivered, there is always a need for a helping hand in getting these things done.

Shipping to Hong Kong from Singapore


How many of us have really opted for professional services when it comes to moving to Hong Kong? Not many. And that is common because moving to another part of the world is life changing as well as new. Some people rarely do need professional help and that is only when they do not have an extended trip or stay at places distant from their origin. But in case of moving to other countries it can be a bit difficult to manage things on your own

Shipping to Munich from Singapore


When it comes to relocating to a new country there are a number of jobs that appear at hand. These jobs mainly include the responsible propagation of luggage and other belongings to another part of the world. The responsibility only comes when one is experienced in doing a job, so does a relocation company.

Moving to Perth from Singapore


The best way to deal with any type of work is to give it into the hands of professional. Professionals are there to solve problems, to devise strategies and to make a way for easy process. Be it the simplest form of job that needs done or the complex situations, professionals have the thing and the right skill sets to accommodate any kind of situation. There are situations demanding full or partial control when it comes to moving. People who are moving to Perth from Singapore usually prefer having things done quickly. It is because of the distant traveling and stress of getting the entire luggage transported in one piece to their destination.

Moving to Sydney from Singapore


When moving to another country of the world there are few things that every mover must consider. First goes the choice of whether you need things done all by you or to hire a professional that could help in packing. Secondly, how much time should be designated to the migration which will directly affect other decisions such as hiring professional movers? Moreover, if the place is known and the custom rules and regulations are thoroughly reviewed, things might still get a little itchy because of the lack of information. All in all, hiring is the best option for movers who are looking to move to places lie Sydney, directly from Singapore. Like everyone out there, shipping to Sydney from Singapore is always an optimum choice because of the distance and ease of one time delivery.

Moving to Melbourne from Singapore


Most people find it awfully difficult to hire people to help with their moving needs. What is it that brings the fear of hiring professionals? It is because a lot of these names claim to be professionals however they turn out to be mere scammers looting you off your money and leaving prolonged stress. In all this process, more and more people begin to find professional movers a risky choice for their moving needs. The better thing to do is to gather relevant information about several moving companies and make decision based on one’s own needs. On the other hand, references and friends reviews are more popular options to go for.

Moving to China from Singapore


China is known to be the most suitable place for all those enthusiastic entrepreneurs looking to start a business that means something to the world. Every year thousands of people move in and out of china especially when Singaporean residents move to take advantage of Chinese economy, the competition gets better. People moving to china from Singapore mostly take air ways. In other cases where there is a need to have large sized items transported to china, the only solution to that comes from shipping.

Shipping to Malaysia from Singapore

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Malaysia as they say is land of beautiful sceneries and a warm welcoming climate. Every year people move to Malaysia in an aim to enliven their lives and take a fresh start. When this is done, they plan for their migration by starting off from choosing relocation services for luggage transportation.

Shipping to China from Singapore

China from Singapore

China, the land of immense opportunities is something everybody looks up to. If you are moving to china from Singapore there is not much that you need to be doing. The culture is somewhat similar with a great economy catering to business and economic needs. All in all, migration to china from

Shipping to berlin from Singapore

shipping to berlin from Singapore

Moving away from Singapore to any other part of the world? Be it anywhere in the European region, people always need to have something easier at their hands. The ease and comfort of moving to Berlin from Singapore can easily be felt if things are managed and coordinated in the best way. Why

Shipping to USA from Singapore

Shipping to USA from Singapore

Travelling and migration, both concern carrying luggage. In such cases it is easier to acquire professional help when you are not sure about the place you are moving to. Travelling may not be as tricky as migration can be. Travelling takes all your efforts into planning and controlling the trip

Shipping to Scotland from Singapore

Shipping to Scotland from Singapore

There are several choices when it comes to moving luggage. But first, the country of choice is very important in choosing which method to go for. People generally, as surveyed, do not take heavy duty items when they are moving to a new place. Popular act is that roadways are deemed to be the

Shipping to Thailand from Singapore


It is very important to keep a few things in mind before making a move to a new country. What is of major concern to many people is the adjustment into a new environment though; it should be deemed less important other than anything else. When moving to a new country, be it Thailand from Singapore people should look upon a number of factors that could affect their migration to Thailand. Number of things that could affect the migration mainly includes the transportation and the cost of living. In most cases, intermediary service providers are most likely to affect the whole process. To be more specific, acquiring relocation services or not acquiring them, both can directly affect it.

What do you need to do when moving to Malaysia from Singapore?


Moving can keep you up all night if you do not know how to plan for it. The best thing is to read and find out the ways you can reduce your cost and time in moving to a new place. This entire process of moving is adventurous and when you are doing it to start over a new leaf, everything should be as less nerve wrecking as possible. Many people have been seen to give themselves a hard time in this process. It can be made easier if you know exactly how to plan for it and to make it happen.

While moving to Malaysia from Singapore there could be many reasons. Some people who move to start a new family or to begin a new career, all have similar concerns for their migration. The concern regarding migration is helpful in understanding for various relocation businesses. Usually, people moving from Singapore to Malaysia send over their valued luggage through air freight. Other means of transportation are through shipping. It depends on how heavy the luggage is or how valuable items are.

Shipping to Australia from Singapore


When migrating to a new place there are various things one should keep in mind. Not only is that place diversified by cultural enrichment but the customs people pay attention to should be acknowledged. People moving to any part of the world from Britain would find glimpses of their culture in most regions. That is because the way things were done over the past few centuries, British were highly involved in its inception. In saying so, most Asian countries are highly influenced by each other’s’ culture and somewhat possess the same lifestyle. Taking Singapore as an example, its vast culture and a high popularity for tourism has taken it to the next level. People often migrate from that country in search of exploring into new and diverse cultures. Mainly Australia is found to be the desired destination for many Singaporean habitants.

Moving to Australia from Singapore

Australia from Singapore

Australia has been long gone the favorite place for many people. There are various reasons why immigrants want to move to Australia and we believe that this land has many things to offer for the new people welcoming on its terrain. Other than that, if you are moving to Australia and have not much idea about the culture and customs of that region, you might need to do some learning to fit into the mold. It is easier than you think. The people and the culture there is warm and friendly. Besides culture, there isn’t much difference to it if you are moving from Europe however; if you are moving to Australia from Singapore there you need to have prepared a checklist. What most people disregard is the need for thorough research.

International Movers Singapore


There is only one name for all International movers, Singapore.

Great news for all the international movers, Singapore has been a reputable name in creating companies that facilitate international moving experience to ensure that people enjoy every moment of it without worrying about their belongings. That is how we have excelled in providing the best services to our customers who are looking to move to another part of the country without having to face any trouble in transporting their goods.

As an international mover there are always worries of transporting goods in the best way possible. Most people are worried about relocating their delicate items like silverware and glass items that need to be taken extra care of.

International Moving Companies


International moving companies of Singapore have excelled greatly

Moving to a new city or country? Don’t know the best way to get your belongings delivered safely to your new home? Looking for a service that is not costly yet provides the best service? Well your question has finally been answered! Because we are amongst the best international moving companies of Singapore that are expert in providing outclassed services for our international moving customers.

How do we differ from others? Well you get the best part in the less to give. We excel in packing, guiding and consultation services that make us something more than what you expect from an international moving company. Hence, we should be your first pick at all levels!

Movers in Singapore

Find us better than other Movers in Singapore

There’s a dilemma for both international movers as well as local movers when they look for moving companies to serve them: the cost of relocation and the trust issues! How do they resolve it? Well that’s easy since Singapore gives birth to a large number of successful relocating businesses of the world and amongst them we are here to offer you one of the quality services at your doorstep!

Movers in Singapore can highly benefit form us since we reside in the same country and provide easiest and low time consuming services for them. If you are looking to move to Singapore we would be the right choice for you. The reasons for choosing us are vibrant.

Amongst all international Movers, Singapore offers the best!

Whether you are an individual mover or the one carrying a big family, we are the one stop service for your relocation that will never disappoint you in any way!

For our single movers, Singapore moving companies focuses on the core requirements of their luggage transportation and deliverance. The main issue with lone movers is that they find it difficult to keep a check and balance of all their items. In such cases, trustworthy issues can also arise. But we ensure you that once you take our name; we will give you a million good chances to remember us for good!

Important information for our individual and multiple Movers

Are you an individual mover looking for a good name that can help you out with moving belongings to another part of the city of country? Well, you don’t need to go much far because here we are! One of the best moving professionals of Singapore, we excel in relocation services offering various packages to help you move your luggage to various parts of any country or just anywhere in the world.

For most lone movers, it is difficult to make a decision of whether they should go for such a service or handle things on their own. Particular reason for doing it on their own is the freedom of control that lets you decide how and where to deliver your items to other place.

For the best Moving companies, Singapore is the name in the world!

Relocation to a new country can be exciting yet nerve wrecking especially when you are hanging in the middle between choosing whether to hire a private moving service or to do it on your own?! Well as a wise step, not doing on your own could save you from a lot of problems you might get into. Here we are being one of the best international movers giving you exactly what you need to know and to have while you move to a new country.

Our services have top notched in satisfying various customers from nine hundred destinations worldwide which explains our success of being in this industry for the past many years.

How to locate through the best Moving companies in Singapore?

How hard is it to find the best moving company that could serve all your needs? Well it is not if you trust one name to fulfill your desires! We put forth our customers before anything else which keeps the bar of our success at top and hence or name shines amongst one of the best moving-service providers of the world.

Why should you choose us? We offer what we promise and that is what makes us different from others. We do not disappoint our customers by lacking behind in giving them what they require and that what makes us better than most of the names claiming to be best! Getting your belongings safely from on part of the world to another is what we all focus on.

In choosing the best Moving Company to Singapore, Astro-Movers strikes the top!

We have excelled for ages in providing you the best quality of service with our expert moving minds that let you experience this journey without worrying for the safety of your belongings. Having been served in more than nine hundred destinations all over the world, our moving companySingapore has succeeded in making a name that can be trusted for life among various groups of people who are looking to move to other parts of the world.

We excel in what we do and as per our promise to provide you excellent moving services; we do not charge you excessively out of your budget! The worth you pay for our services is fully absorbed to cater the best way in which you can get your belongings delivered to start up a new life.

Moving to Australia? Pick Astro-Movers for your relocation service!

Surrounded by waters, the wondrous part of the world, Australia is one of the favorite places to move in and start up a new venture. Many individuals looking to acquire higher education, businessmen looking to find great business opportunities head to Australia to explore the wonders of the island and to enjoy time of their lives.

Thinking of moving to Australia? It may seem easier but it is a difficult process especially when you live in a far wide continent. Perhaps you would want to consider our name for your next stop to moving experts! We have a reputation in assisting a large number of movers residing in Singapore as well as other parts of the country in moving to Australia without a hassle

Moving to Malaysia? Astro-Movers be your moving service providers!

If you are moving to Malaysia, our name should be on top of your check list! As we bring you highly attractive service offers to help you relocate from one country to another without a hassle. A place like Malaysia where Asian essence of living is enriched with wonderful people and a warm welcoming homely feeling, we let you engage your thoughts into developing and starting up a new life on the peaceful land as we take care of your items transportation.

Owing to our expert professionals, moving to Malaysia has become easier with us. Before heading on to choosing what kind of services you

Moving to Singapore? Astro-Movers is your one stop for relocation service!

Singapore is a worthy land to reside in and to explore and observe the various beautiful sights is what Singapore is all about! The peace and the quiet of this country make sit one of the favorite tourist spots and if you are permanently planning to move in here, we guarantee that you are going to spend the rest of your life in Eden. As Singapore becomes one of the favorite countries of the world, it continues to support its name with a number of businesses running to cater all kinds of services needed for individual as well as family movers to the great land.

If you are moving to Singapore, you must consider one of the best moving companies. In doing so you would encounter a number of other names that claim to serve you best however unless you fully know and trust their name.

Good news for all our International movers!

Moving to a new place, well that will bring a lot of thinking and a lot of work as you proceeds through the process. That is why we provide you the best solution for your moving and reduce the stress of starting up a new life followed by new responsibilities. You would want to have a successful move to the new country and here we are to provide you the best services for your moving experience. A lot needs to be done in the process; from getting your luggage moved safely and without damage to the other part of the world and its management is all that needs to follow a systematic way of evaluation and observation. Most individuals prefer experiencing it on their own and that’s the catch of our service where we let you control everything yet, take care of the things at the back to ensure that your moving is stress free and safe.

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An expert in international relocation, Astro Worldwide Movers is an well established moving company in Singapore having helped many expatriates to relocate to more than 900 destinations around the world for the past two decades.

Industry expertise, integrity, as well as old-fashioned hard work are the underlying principles that defined Astro Movers since its inception. With its dedication and professionalism in moving services, Astro Worldwide Movers is your trusted mover for all your moving needs.