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For those of you who are moving to Singapore, you might find following information useful. Singapore is a wonderful example of how east can meet west. Strategically located and with excellent facilities many multinational companies have made Singapore their chosen area for region head quarters in south East Asia. Singapore has fascinating cultural contrasts, excellent shopping facilities and numerous tourist attractions which contribute to its success as a leading destination for both business and pleasure. A very popular destination to move to, Singapore will provide even the most experienced expatriate.

Ask a Singaporean “what is the national sport” and in most cases the answer with be ‘Food”! The cuisine is superb and has developed as a result of Singapore’s multicultural roots and eating out is very much a daily event. From world class restaurants to small outside hawker food stalls, there is a cuisine for everyone and it’s all good!

The fact is, moving house or switching your business premises can be an incredibly anxious time. The last thing you need to worry about is whether your prized possessions are going to make it there safely. You need a First Class International Moving Service Company that you can trust and with Astro Worldwide Movers, you’ve found it. As one of the most established and recognized names in the moving and shipping industry, you can rest assured that we possess the experience and expertise to handle your move with the minimum of fuss, and at an affordable price.

Our partners around the world are the most reliable and professional available and are selected by Astro Movers based on their service capability and track record.

If you are moving to Singapore and would like some further information, please contact us for your free moving quotes and Singapore Country Guide or free Singapore Customs Forms and information guide.

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