International Movers in Singapore


So you are moving out of Singapore and intend on leaving for good? If so, there will be certain formalities you will need to complete. To aid you in this moving out process, the following are some pointers you may wish to note.

 International Movers in Singapore

International moving can be very tedious to co-ordinate. There will be loads of paperwork and you can expect your goods to move through at least a few different hands. Hence, the chances of things going wrong are much higher than if you were to move to a new house within Singapore.

To help facilitate this process, you will need the services of a trusted Singapore based international moving company like Astro Movers.

CPF Related Matters

If you are leaving Singapore for good and have a CPF account, you will likely want to withdraw your monies there and terminate the account. Keep in mind though that, for Singaporeans, it will mean having to renounce your Singapore citizenship and moving to a country other than West Malaysia permanently, with no intention of returning to either Singapore or West Malaysia. This is because only Malaysian citizens who are Singapore permanent residents are allowed to withdraw their CPF on returning to West Malaysia.

For details on CPF Withdrawal as well as to download the withdrawal form, do check out the CPF website.

Cancellation of Work Pass

Whether you are moving out of Singapore because you have resigned or your employment contract has been terminated, your work pass will need to be cancelled. This will include all other passes (e.g. dependent’s pass, long term visit pass etc.) tied to your work pass.

For more information on cancellation of work pass, do visit the Mom website. While there, simply type in “cancellation of pass” in the search box. The search result will display the cancelation procedure for the various types of work passes.

Tax Clearance

If you are leaving Singapore for good and have renounced your citizenship or are a foreigner, you are legally obliged to settle your tax liabilities before leaving, or at least your employer will have to ensure that you go through the tax clearance process.

Ensure that you have all your important documents with you when you move including your identification papers, travel documents, children’s school records and your updated medical records especially if you are suffering from any medical condition that needs long term follow up treatment

Is there anything we have missed out? If so, why not let us know by dropping a comment below. Feel free to share this post with anyone you know who might be moving out of Singapore; you can do so easily using the social media share buttons on this page.

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