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One of the most common questions I am asked is “I want to move to Australia, where do I start?” And I suppose the answer for everyone is slightly different.

People consider emigration from their home country for various reasons. Some want to move to Australia to find a better paid job and lower cost of living. Others are attracted by the weather and different lifestyle. For many people, moving Down Under means a clean start. As with any new endeavor, people are quite optimistic and tend to ignore prospective problems. Immigration is serious step to take and a milestone in people’s lives, so we need to be level-beaded about it.

Job Opportunities And Costs Of Living – Average Australian salaries might seem attractive and the tax brackets reasonable, but they are only prerequisites for improving your living standard. Your current lifestyle and future plans are the two main variables in the equation. You definitely need to know your net worth on the Australian job market. Beside the climate, this is probably the second most important factor in choosing an exact location to migrate to. Check what your options are by browsing through some of the recruitment agencies. The overall unemployment rate in Australia is 4.5%, however it varies on different states.

Crime Rate – The crime rate decreased dramatically over the past 10 years. A detailed survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals the kind of problems Australian states have. You should definitely have a look at it, when choosing a place to live. Some states have bigger problems with assaults and attempts of such and some are more concerned with the higher count of robberies.

Migrants have to consider many other factors. Leaving to another country means that you change the life of you and people you know, friends and relatives alike. Also, if you are moving Down Under with a child, you might be interested learn more about the local education system. You also might prefer to move somewhere you can find more fellow-countrymen. You will need to have some cash in order to ease the transition. Those rainy days savings will really come in handy in the first 2-3 weeks, while you are settling in.

The migration process will take at least 6 months. If you are considering immigration to Australia, you have to prepare for a lengthy procedure. Usual processing time with Visa First is 6-8 months. The price is roughly 4,000 EUR (4,500 if you are migrating with your spouse), paid on consequential stages. The initial fee is 50 EUR. Your application will be professionally assessed and further instructions and guidance will be provided as the process goes on. For additional information about Moving to Australia you can e-mail us.

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