International Movers to France

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One of the first major steps towards moving to France is applying for a French visa. You need to know which type of visa you need and even whether you need one at all (citizens of the European Union are not required to obtain a visa to enter France), and how to improve your chances of being received well at the consulate.

Moving Items to France

After your visa and other formalities have been secured, so you need to move your household items to France, but there are a few items that are restricted.

  1. 1.       Firearms and ammunitions
  2. 2.       Meat and dairy products
  3. 3.       Plants and plant products
  4. 4.       Narcotics and psychotropic substances
  5. 5.       Pets
  6. 6.       Endangered species of animals
  7. 7.       Counterfeit goods
  8. 8.       Money and precious metals
  9. 9.       Medicine

It is best to avoid public holidays when choosing a moving service for France. Also month ends and beginnings are also best avoided because of heavy general shipping volume. It also helps to plan your move well in advance and make arrangements with the shipping agency you intend to employ. As for entrusting your household goods and other belongings while shipping to France, there are a wide range of operators that you can choose from.

The largest city which also is the capital of France is Paris. This city has an entire history of being raided and pillaged but its new face today shows little reflection of that traumatic past.

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