Hong Kong

Whether it’s just you or your entire family, the thought of moving to Hong Kong is always fascinating. Imagine living in the world’s major international financial center, trade, and cultural hub. Besides, the city boats of numerous attractions and excellent infrastructure.

Before the start of WWII, the country was famous for its manufacturing activities. But currently, 90 percent of its GDP is generated from the service sector with the manufacturing industry accounts for only 9 percent. The country is ranked among the world’s largest financial hubs and considered among the Four Asian giants due to its rapid industrialization and remarkable growth rates. In addition to that, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is currently in the sixth position in the world.

The Hong Kong dollar has gained immense strength over the years becoming more powerful compared to other currencies because it has been linked to the US dollar making it invulnerable even during the severe economic crisis.

Tips You Should Consider Before Moving To Hong Kong

  • Unlike other Asian countries, taxpayers pay their taxes in a lump sum instead of a monthly basis, because the state does not need the withholding on employment income. Apart from that, the first installment paid will be inclusive of a provisional amount for the next tax year. It merely means your first tax installment is expected to be huge.
  • It is mandatory for every Hong Kong resident to carry a Hong Kong ID at all times. In case you are stopped by police, and you don’t have one, you may end up being prosecuted.
  • Although Hong Kong is part of China, you are required to have a different visa to be allowed to cross the border. In addition to that, you cannot move cars from Hong Kong to China and vice versa, without having an approved license plate.
  • The country has a total of 17 public holidays every However, when one falls on a weekend, it Wo n’t be moved to Monday.
  • Many homes and apartments in Hong Kong are not installed with ovens, because Chinese food is cooked using the hob.

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