International Movers to USA

If you are planning on moving to the USA, Astro Movers has the expertise and the knowledge to move you across the pond. Here are some important advices about Moving to USA and Living in the USA.

• To work in the USA, you will require a visa. You will have to apply for your visa at the American embassy in your origin Country. If you are living and working in the USA without a visa, you are considered an “illegal alien” and could be deported and not allowed back whether you are a little green alien or not!

• Living costs will greatly depend on the area you are moving to. If you are moving to the big cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, prepare for high costs. Moving into smaller towns in the Mid West or South can be much cheaper.

• The USA health care system outspends most of the nations in the world! The country’s life expectancy has dropped in the last decades and there is no universal public health care coverage. However, if you can afford to pay for private health insurance, or your employer pays for you, you will get a high-quality service.

• Before moving to the USA with your children, you will also have to consider education options. In most states, there are both public and private schools, and a good university degree may require substantial financial investment.

• The limited availability of visas and green cards restricts employment opportunities for expats moving to the USA. Explore your options, and the situation in your profession before seriously thinking about moving to the USA.

Importing Personal Effects to the USA

Household goods and personal effects can be imported duty free, provided they have been owned for at least a year before arriving in the USA. Most containers arriving in the USA will be subject to examination by US customs. You must ensure you have the appropriate visa for entry into the USA. To import your household goods, we will provide you with the correct customs form that must be completed prior to the goods leaving the UK.

Prohibitions and Restrictions

In general it is in your interest not to import the following items:

• Firearms & ammunition

• Plants & plant material

• Foodstuffs, perishables or otherwise

• Narcotics and dangerous goods

• Inflammable goods & substances

• Alcohol & Tobacco

Moving Motor Vehicles to the USA

Due to strict emission standards, only vehicles that have been manufactured in the USA can be shipped with your household goods. We, Astro movers meet all the requirements for moving good and provide best International Moving Services USA.

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