Moving And Storage Services in Singapore


Furniture is often huge and bulky, and can take up a lot of space both at home and in self storage units. Taking up too much space would mean that you have to pay more money for rental and transportation services. Here are some helpful storage tips for you to move and store tables in self storage facilities.

Engage with Professional Mover

First and foremost, you need to engage the services of a professional mover. There is no way you can move and store the tables on your own. Not only that, you do not have the professional knowledge required to handle it. Professional movers are extremely experienced and can help you out and provide the best advice to you. Make sure you find a reputable company so that you do not get ripped off.

Remove the Screws

Screws that are found in the table in places such as the legs and connectors should be removed. Prolonged storage in self storage facilities can cause the screws to corrode and once that happens, you will not be able to unscrew anymore, resulting in the need to throw away your table.

Remove the Legs of the Table

When storing assembled tables in self storage facilities, the legs should be removed. The spaces between the legs take up way too much space and are impractical. By removing the legs, you are freeing up a lot of space for better uses. Removal of legs from the tables also ensures a smooth and protruding-free surface which reduces the chances of damages and injuries when you are shifting items into your storage unit.

Use a Pallet to Protect Your Furniture

Use a pallet to protect your table by placing it underneath. It should preferably be one that is not made of wood. This will help to prevent against direct contact with water in the event of flooding or natural pests. Using a pallet during transportation and storage also allows you to avoid any direct contact between your table and the floor, which can cause unwanted damages such as scratches and dents to your table.