Need Help in Moving to Malaysia?

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If you’re a western expat looking for a new country to move to, moving to Malaysia may just be the thing for you. The Malaysian government is also currently promoting a new program and encouraging foreigners to either move to Malaysia or spend an extended period of time there.

We are pleased to provide you help when you are moving to Malaysia. We can provide all types of moving services and making it the perfect resource if you are traveling or moving to Malaysia.

Malaysia is becoming the new hot spot for western expats, who are moving to Malaysia in large numbers. The challenge of moving to a country as distinct as Malaysia should not be underestimated. The hierarchical culture, which characterizes both social and professional life can make the starting period very difficult, and the hot, humid climate with heavy rainstorms is hard to adapt for many foreigners from northern countries.

Unlike some other countries in the region, Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic society and open to everyone. The three main cultures, Malay, Chinese and Indian create an interesting Malaysian society yet still leave it open for other cultures to join and thrive.

Healthcare in Malaysia is world-class and more affordable than in the United States. Doctors and hospitals are the same standard, or better, than American doctors and hospitals and care is world-renowned.

Malaysia’s education system is largely based on the British system and, consequently, is better than some other countries in the region such as Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Mandatory subjects include Malay and English, so any children you have are likely to grow up fluent in both languages.

Unlike in some other countries in the area, English is spoken by most people in Malaysia. Buying a house, a car, setting up utilities, buying furniture and household items, everything is easier due to being able to deal with things in English.

Good Infrastructure – Malaysia has a world-class infrastructure. Roads are excellent. The water supply, sewer systems and power grids are stable and telecommunications, including phones and internet, are phenomenal.

Moving to, living and working in Malaysia for western expats is made even easier due to its western-standard infrastructure.

With Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisine being the most popular foods, you’ll also find American, British, Vietnamese, Thai, French, German, Spanish and on and on.

Cost of Living – One of the big reasons many western expats are moving to Malaysia is the cost of living. As low as neighboring Thailand, salaries are higher, so standard of living is slightly better. In Malaysia, you can live on one quarter the salary of most western countries and live well, which is why western expats who are retirees love living here.

To be best prepared for your move to Malaysia our guide will help you with everything you need to consider. You can also read our BLOG and to get advice about moving to Malaysia.

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