Professional Moving Company in Singapore

Professional Movers in Singapore

A moving company, removalist, or van line is a company that helps people and businesses relocate their goods from one place to another. Typically they use moving vans, but for international moves or where storage is required, they may use special containerized vans or shipping containers.

National companies are typically organized with local branches or affiliated agents. That affiliation may be in the form of a franchise, wherein the local agent is a franchise of a national company, or a cooperative, wherein the local agent owns a share of the national company. There are also many small independent moving companies which operate within any given local area.

These moving company services are often considerably less expensive than full service moving. The key difference is that much of the liability for damage falls on the customer when they utilize these services. The carrier is generally only liable for damage resulting from traffic accidents or other damage that occurs to the trailer after they recover it. Damage from improper loading and packing falls on the customer much like with a rental truck.

For long distance moves, the cost is typically determined by the weight or the size of the items needing to be moved and the distance. For local moves, the cost usually depends on the number of hours it takes to move the goods. Some movers offer flat rate services but usually these are overridden by hourly costs. Professional movers usually offer an invoice. The cost of a move usually depends on factors such as the number of hours, distance and number of items, the size and weight of the items.

Professional Moving Companies often offer services that are less involved and expensive than full service moving. Some companies derive most of their income from truck and equipment services, other companies provide drivers and delivery service simply letting the customer perform the actual packing. Some companies provide movers instead of trucks or equipment to handle the skilled and physical aspect of moving. Hiring professional moving company for this purpose is referred to as moving labor or moving labor services. In recent years, new containerized moving solutions have come into the moving industry, allowing individuals to order a container and have it dropped off at their request to the location of their choice. When they finish packing their container, it’s picked up and moved to the location of their choice.

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