Professional Moving Services Singapore to Australia

International movers reviews

Every year thousands of Kiwis make the decision to move to Australia. There is so much to think about when moving to a new country, one of the biggest decisions is which moving company will you choose to pack and relocate your household goods and personal effects. This is not easy because there are so many movers with fanciful names and web sites touting for your international move.

Most moving companies like to gloss over the fact they have ‘agents’ at destination, one of their strategies is to use terms like sister-company to describe who will deliver services on their behalf in Australia. If you are considering one of these companies you need to assess the risks.

If you choose an agent to agent service you are effectively placed in the hands of a company with no reason to priorities your shipment as they are already committed to servicing customers they do have contracts with. There is a very real risk that you will incur additional charges relative to AQIS inspection fees and delivery costs. Think about this, how many removalists when given the opportunity to charge extra will actually charge less than you expect? You need to be aware that in the event you have hold ups, service issues or insurance problems there is no contractual responsibility for the agent to resolve these issues or to get involved.

Astro Movers is professional moving service provider and have over 40 years experience as a market leader in Australia. There are others who give this impression but you need to be careful as looks can be deceiving. Some of these movers give the illusion of having full service branches in Australia when in fact their destination operations are under resourced and of inferior standard. Some local movers in New Zealand have become franchisees or agents for overseas brands who are not prepared to make an investment in the New Zealand market. While they advertise a big brand experience you may not receive the level of service and consideration you would expect from a full service professional moving company.