Shipping to Jakarta from Singapore


It is time to stop worrying and get moving with a few helpful tips that can assist any newbie in understanding the tiny details of moving to a completely new country. For people moving to Jakarta this can be helpful in several ways. Also, those looking to move anywhere in the world from Singapore can benefit from this article. The main purpose is to spread necessary information about how to pack and unpack items before and after shipping to Jakarta from Singapore. This might seem unnecessary but in reality it can save you from a lot of troubles.

To start off with, it is very important that you make a check list of all the belongings you are going to take with you permanently. This will help you take some of the items off the list so that you can carry less risky items and even lighten your burden of excessive luggage. We understand that some things are more valuable to you for their lifetime experience and hence shipping to Jakarta from Singapore will turn out to be a good decision if you follow a few tips.

Keeping check of the items as well as choosing the right size of cardboard boxes is important. For glassware and large sized items, the boxes should be strong and larger in size. Boxes are available at different sizes in local supermarkets so that will not be a problem for you. For glassware, bubble wraps or other supportive materials can help them avoid coming in contact with each other. Also the material of these wraps and supportive materials is very important depending upon the item you are packing.

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