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Moving To Johor Bahru From Singapore


The high cost of living in Singapore can make you more curious about living a different life north of the border. Johor Bahru is a  city just next to Singapore on the Southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia. The thought of paying lower rates, more space and cheap goods make people relocate to Johor Bahru.

Many Singaporeans move into Johor Bahru to do shopping, eat and play golf over the weekends. There was a large number of Singaporeans who decided to move from Singapore to Johor Bahru. The main reason for relocating to JB is money issues. It is considering that a 4-room flat in Singapore will enable the expatriate to sustain his/her living expenses in Johor Bahru.

JB commonly known to locals as Islander Malaysia has a population of 1.7 million people with tourism being one of the most significant factors that contribute to the town’s economic growth.  The city is easily reached from Singapore through the Causeway link and various bridges, receiving over 49.9% 0f the country’s nearly 22.5 million foreign tourists.

Does the move from Singapore to Johor Bahru mean savings and a better lifestyle? For those expatriates who want to relocate, the answer to the resounding question is yes!  A family of two or three people can save on a monthly basis on basics like grocery, utilities and petrol. In addition to that, the lifestyle of expats changes for the better.

Kids have the opportunity of attending elite schools like Marlborough College Malaysia, a place they can enjoy extensive sporty programs that the school provides. Besides, children will have the freedom of coming home, drop their bags and grab their bikes to visit friends in the beautiful town.  Unlike Singapore, Malaysia is more relaxed and less humid, and in most cases, you will benefit from the breeze blowing through your home and garden.

Instead of commuting every day to work from JB to Singapore, you should consider driving instead of taking a bus or riding a motorbike. If you choose to commute, it will take you approximately 1 to 1.5 hours in the morning, 1.5 to 2.5 hours during the evenings and door to door.

The process of relocating to a new country for a new job, business and holiday can be tedious, and JB is not exempted from this.  Expatriates move with most of their belongings; furniture, clothes and household goods from Singapore to JB and relocating services offered by Astro movers will be helpful.

Moving to Australia


Have you ever thought of moving to Australia for different reasons? Well, Australia is the best place to be. Very friendly, safe and with nice climate everyone will admire having it in his or her home country. There are several things you must consider before moving to Australia or any other state; I will be discussing them below;

First, you will need to get a valid Australian visa. The visa is going to be issued in consideration of the following two reasons;

  • How long you will want to stay in Australia
  • What you are going to do in Australia

If you are in Singapore, then that will be easy because Astro-movers.com will help you with almost everything such as packing and moving all your luggage.

Below are some useful tips on what to know when preparing to move to Australia

  1. Put all the essential paperwork in a travel file; this includes the certificates or any other documentation you may have. The paperwork will assist you in many ways such as when you need to apply for any job.
  2. Have certified copies of your identification as it will be of much need when you are required to prove your identity to the security personnel. Without it, then your life won’t run as smooth as you intended to be. It will also be good if you have the documentation in electronic copies.
  3. When moving to the new country, you need to have your health The immigration departments may also require it. If you are moving with your children, then it is essential to carry along their health records too.
  4. Finalize and close any utility accounts. It is essential to close them because you will not use them again. So to avoid extra charges, you will have to settle them.
  5. Cancel your insurances where relevant. A good example of an insurance is the car insurance and house. You will have to cancel them because you no longer requiring the again in the same country

Listed above are some of the basic tips you should know. What I can add is that you must learn the laws of every state you move. It will help you understand how to handle yourself in accordance with the law of the new land. You can also learn about the benefits of hiring international movers here.


Hong Kong

Whether it’s just you or your entire family, the thought of moving to Hong Kong is always fascinating. Imagine living in the world’s major international financial center, trade, and cultural hub. Besides, the city boats of numerous attractions and excellent infrastructure.

Before the start of WWII, the country was famous for its manufacturing activities. But currently, 90 percent of its GDP is generated from the service sector with the manufacturing industry accounts for only 9 percent. The country is ranked among the world’s largest financial hubs and considered among the Four Asian giants due to its rapid industrialization and remarkable growth rates. In addition to that, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is currently in the sixth position in the world.

The Hong Kong dollar has gained immense strength over the years becoming more powerful compared to other currencies because it has been linked to the US dollar making it invulnerable even during the severe economic crisis.

Tips You Should Consider Before Moving To Hong Kong

  • Unlike other Asian countries, taxpayers pay their taxes in a lump sum instead of a monthly basis, because the state does not need the withholding on employment income. Apart from that, the first installment paid will be inclusive of a provisional amount for the next tax year. It merely means your first tax installment is expected to be huge.
  • It is mandatory for every Hong Kong resident to carry a Hong Kong ID at all times. In case you are stopped by police, and you don’t have one, you may end up being prosecuted.
  • Although Hong Kong is part of China, you are required to have a different visa to be allowed to cross the border. In addition to that, you cannot move cars from Hong Kong to China and vice versa, without having an approved license plate.
  • The country has a total of 17 public holidays every However, when one falls on a weekend, it Wo n’t be moved to Monday.
  • Many homes and apartments in Hong Kong are not installed with ovens, because Chinese food is cooked using the hob.

Are you planning to move to Hong Kong for your new job or business? Worry not, Astro Movers offers international moving services to the country and all the significant information you require before proceeding. With over 20 years of providing moving services globally,  the company guarantees the best and top quality services at your disposal.