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International Packers and Movers play an essential role in helping a person, family or an organisation that has decided to move to another country. We always want the best and we look out for those who offer the best services within our budget. When you are thinking about packers and movers, consider these 5 organisations we have picked up for you.

Astro-movers, Singapore

This is one of the best organization in Singapore ideal for International Moving services for individuals, corporations and families. It has been serving government agencies, locals as well as multinational organizations. Astro-movers is an active member of HHGFA (Household Goods Forwarders Association) and AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association). They offer these services:

  • Private and Company Relocations
  • Consultations
  • Packing Services and Moving services
  • Storage Services
  • Special Transport for Special Goods

United Van Lines, USA

This is the most searched organisation online that helps people with relocation and moving in USA. This organisation has around 90 years of experience in this field and yes, they are very reliable. This company is a part of the Unigroup Company. They help people move to around 180 countries. Mind you, the world had 196 countries. Their Services include:

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Management
  • Housing and Family Assistance
  • Visa help
  • Property Protection

Leo Packers and Movers, India

Leo Packers and Movers is India’s best movers and they have a good experience tenure in this field.  They have served many corporates like Pepsi, LG, Google and Tata Motors. Their services include:

  • Corporate and Residential relocations
  • Lorry on hire
  • Storage services

Settelen, Switzerland

Settelen is based in Switzerland and undertake both domestic and international relocation projects. They also do both private and corporate relocation. So, if you plan to get into Switzerland or move out, just consider their services. Some of their services include:

  • Storage Facilities
  • Special Transport for Special Goods
  • Car/ Van/ Truck for hire

DB Schenker, Germany

This is an organisation that primarily focuses on logistics. It is the most searched international packers and movers online. It is the subsidiary of the second largest transport company in the world- Deutsche Bahn. They offer these services:

  • Private and Company Relocations
  • Consultations
  • Only Packing Services
  • Storage Services

Conroy Rentals, Australia

Conroy Rentals is based both in New Zealand and Australia. They have many centres in both the countries and cover a wide range of countries across all continents. They also take up domestic projects. Some of their services include:

  • Packing
  • Foreign Exchange and Insurance Services
  • Motor Vehicle Shipping
  • Private and Corporate Relocation

These are some of the top organisations from around the world that is involved in this business and have satisfied many customers from across the globe.

How Choosing International Packers and Movers Can Benefit You

Professional Movers in Singapore

International Packers and Movers services are highly sought after by people who are getting ready to move to another country. These organisations help you not only get your things from your place to the new location but, they also benefit you in many other ways. Here are some of the reasons how choosing a International Movers and Packers while moving to another country can prove to be really helpful to you or your organisation.

  • Cost effective and Less time-consuming

When you or your organisation choose to get help from the packers and movers, one thing you are assured of is a cheap fare to get things flown from your place to the new location. Furthermore, these organisations are expert in packing and other proceedings. Therefore, your work will get done quicker than you expect due to the team they employ.

  • Paperwork gets done automatically

With the help of packers and movers, your paperwork to get your things abroad to you gets easy and makes your proceedings hassle free. All the paperwork is done via the organisation and they are used to these procedures which makes them the best people to handle these kind of jobs.

  • Safe Transporting

International packers and movers are responsible for their activities and hence, make sure that everything that belongs to you get to you in the safest way possible. You can trust them for they are careful with valuable things and get fragile items safe and intact.

  • They can take care of the heavy objects

International movers and packers have the required equipment to move heavy and bulky products and materials. So, instead of getting entangled in the mess all by yourself, you can get the help of these experts to move these things for you. Plus, they have a way out for everything and they handle your things with real care.

  • Their experience is invaluable

Their experience in this field can get you your things done according to the rules and the laws. They take care of the paperwork and they also know how to get everything to you the way you want them to come to you. Plus, they take care of the freight services and the fee involved and the customs. They work in a seamless way to get the job done.