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Tips to Consider Before Moving to USA from Singapore

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Are you are planning to move to the United States from Singapore? Unlike Singapore that is generally small regarding its size and population, the US is a vast country with a population of   325.7 million people. Life in a foreign country can become hard to adapt, especially when you don’t take time to plan before relocation. These tips will help you settle in the US.

Groceries in the US Are Expensive

If you have lived your entire life in Singapore, you may realize that the cost of purchasing groceries in the US is relatively high.  Do n’t be shocked at the price of these groceries, because it is a foreign country with a different economy instead, adapt to the US life and have a budget.

Americans Drive on The Right

Are you planning to own a car in the US? Well, you should keep in mind that Americans drive on the right-hand side, unlike Singaporeans who drive on the left side.  It may take you some time to get used to driving on your right-hand side, but it is crucial always to learn.

 Americans Tip a Lot

Americans are unique people and often tip people after delivery of excellent service. This action is rare in Singapore and other Asian countries, but you should be nice and tip those people who offer their services to you.  America has many workers working part-time and mostly depend on tips provided by their customers. Don’t relent to visit a bar near you because of tips, take it positively.

Sizes and measurements

The US uses the old Imperial System of measures, and you will not make your standard measurements using meters and grams, but pounds, inches, and feet. Besides, clothes and shoes measurements are different, and you should consider learning these new facts before relocating to the US.

Use Movers and Packers

The process of moving to a foreign country is not natural. You will be required to proceed with all your belongings ranging from furniture, household goods, clothes and even cutlery. Hiring the services of an international packer sand movers like Astro movers is the best decision you can make to help you to relocate quickly.

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