What is replacement value protection?

Storage Services

Even with the best mover, you need to know how you can protect yourself:

  • Check with your insurance agent/broker to find out if your existing household policy provides coverage during the move, and if so, what is the deductible. Make sure that your policy provides you with no less than “All Risks” coverage, because any less coverage leaves you exposed.
  • Then check with the moving company for the cost of Replacement Value Protection. This means that the moving company agrees to be legally liable up to an amount that represents your estimate of the value of your property being moved.
  • Ask the moving company for written material that explains how the Replacement Value Protection works.

Making the best of your moving day

  • Be ready when the movers arrive. Have everything ready to go, as you will be charged an hourly rate for the time the movers wait.
  • Make sure both your origin and destination locations are ready.

Follow this checklist to help reduce the chance of this sort of problem happening to you.